Scott Hershorin

Director – Legal and Compliance

Blockforce Capital

Scott Hershorin is regulatory specialist with a focus on securities and commodities/derivatives regulations, as well as state and federal regulatory requirements for digital assets/cryptocurrencies and money transmission. Mr. Hershorin currently leads the Compliance and Legal Department at Blockforce Capital, a U.S. based asset management firm offering investment products with a focus on equities, blockchain and cryptocurrency through an array of private investment vehicles and public funds. Mr. Hershorin also serves as Chief Compliance Officer of Reality Shares Advisors (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Blockforce Capital, and SEC registered investment adviser), issuer of the Reality Shares exchange-traded funds, which launched the first blockchain focused ETF in partnership with Nasdaq, the Reality Shares Nasdaq NexGen Economy ETF. Mr. Hershorin previously worked for FINRA’s Department of Enforcement; and prior to joining Blockforce Capital, served as Director of Compliance for PayLease, a fintech third-party payment processor that offers online payment and utility management solutions to the property management and HOA industries. Mr. Hershorin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Pittsburgh, and received his JD from American University in Washington DC.

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