Mike Zimits

Founding Partner

BlockChain Strategies & Innovations

Michael Zimits offers extensive experience in leadership, management, and business growth. The majority of his career has been based in efforts to launch a Global Prime Brokerage, Manage and grow an OTC Clearing and Exchange Trading Business, Hedge Fund Administration, multi-asset derivative trade support, operations, product control and most recently, Blockchain Technology. His career achievements highlight his abilities to create and re-create business processing and financial environments driven by evolving markets as well as regulatory change while maintaining systemic risk and operational control. Throughout his career, he has managed global product development, sales and operations initiatives associated with derivative products; run a global prime brokerage business unit as well as global operations and middle offices at top tier investment banks; and launched a multi-asset fixed income, equity, and derivative fund administrator that has grown to international status and was taken public in 2006. These accomplishments all provided the necessary skills that allowed him to join with his partner in launching and leading Orebits.io, a commodities-based Blockchain & Smart Contract Company. Additionally, he serves as a motivational & inspirational speaker as well as leads a not-for-profit designed to raise funds for MS research.

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