Erik Kellogg

CEO & Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

inCyber Security

Erik Kellogg is the CEO of inCyber Security, a leading full-service cybersecurity and cyber compliance consulting firm. Over the past 17 years, he has filled key technology roles within the financial industry including: Network Engineer, Systems Admin, Professional Trader, Director of Information Security, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)—to name a few. Erik is a cybersecurity expert with a proven track record of helping businesses protect themselves from cyber threats and adhere to industry regulations. Notably, Erik and his team developed a proprietary, data driven, cyber risk model as a way for their clients to bridge the gap and understand cyber impacts in dollars and cents, which all levels of an organization can relate to. Erik believes that every company can, and should ,feel confident about their cybersecurity and cyber compliance posture.

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