Elaine Banar

Global Head of Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Corruption Compliance

Guggenheim Partners

Elaine Banar is the Global Head of Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Corruption Compliance for Guggenheim Partners. Elaine’s prior experience includes serving as the Global Sanctions Head and Regional Anti-Bribery & Corruption Head at UBS, and the Global Sanctions Head at American Express Company. Elaine’s public service has included 12 years as a supervising Assistant US Attorney, Deputy Chief of the Narcotics Section and Chief of the Asset Forfeiture Section in the Eastern District of New York, and 11 years as a federal agent with the Department of Homeland Security (formerly the US Customs Service) where she lead investigations and prosecutions of money laundering, narcotics trafficking, securities fraud and international weapons trafficking violations, and also worked undercover.

In 2001, Elaine served as the Dept. of Justice’s Interim Legal Advisor and police liaison to the United Nations Mission in Kosovo where she lead the drafting and implementation of laws to allow police covert operations, wiretapping and witness protection. Elaine was also a member of a Dept. of State/ Dept. of Defense-sponsored international law enforcement team in the Baltics where she taught police and prosecutors on effective use of covert and controlled delivery operations. Elaine is a co-author of “Combating Serious Crimes in Post-conflict Societies” (2006) and “Strategies and Tactics for Conflict-Affected Societies” (2017).

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