7d. ALL – Ethics of Technology (Intermediate)

As our industry moves towards near-total automation in on-boarding customers, trading, portfolio analysis, surveillance, reporting and other aspects of business, what ethical considerations should firms keep in mind as technology advances? This session will cover the ethical side of new technology.

Learning Objectives:

  • Consider how customer and employee privacy is affected by technology and the collection of data.
  • Discuss the types of controls that firms need to have in place to check for bias in coding (examples such as the coding of the Apple Card that allegedly was biased towards men will be covered)
  • Examine problem solving/client complaints related to “system issues.” How do firms take ownership of system issues and ensure that they are resolved rather than passed to the next individual?
  • Consider if firms should take big data results at face value or if there should be a rigorous process to challenge and confirm results


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Intermediate                        Program Level: Date: October 20, 2020 Time: 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm Tracy Abbott Jeff R. Blumberg

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