2d. ALL – Small Firm Decisions: Outsource or Automate?

This session will help compliance professionals at smaller firms decide whether to outsource or automate compliance functions. The discussion will address the pros and cons of each, as well as key factors to consider for success.
Advanced Preparation: None
Pre-requisites for participation: No prerequisites are required
Learning Objectives:
• Consider compliance functions that do and do not lend themselves well to outsourcing or automation
• Consider the import factors when selecting a consultant or consulting firm to fit your needs
• Learn how to select and implement automated solutions to realize maximum benefit
• Discuss pitfalls and failures to avoid when outsourcing or automating compliance functions

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Panel                        Program Level: Intermediate Date: October 21, 2019 Time: 11:25 am - 12:40 pm David Schnier Aimee Toth