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These sessions are no longer available:

  • 1a. IA/IC - Regulatory Review

  • 1b. BD - Creating Effective Oversight Structures for Broker-Dealers

  • 1c. PF - Legal and Compliance Issues for Private Fund Structures

  • 1d. ALL - Managing Your Code of Ethics

  • 2b. IC - Navigating Your Mutual Fund Compliance Program

  • 2c. ALL - The Roles of Compliance During Corporate Change

  • 2d. BD - Annual Testing & Review of Business

  • 2e. ALL - Cultural Intelligence and Bias

  • 2f. BD - Field Audit Program

  • 3a. BD - Regulatory Review

  • 3b. IA/PF - Understanding the SEC's Proposed Advertising Rules

  • 3d. ALL - Diversity & Inclusion Considerations for Compliance

  • 3f. IA/IC - Exchange-Traded Products

  • 4a. ALL - Insider Trading Regulatory Perspectives 

  • 4b. BD/IA - Marketing & Providing Services to Clients Outside the U.S.

  • 4e. IA - Evolving Custody Responsibilities Lab

  • 5a. BD - Enforcement Issues

  • 5b. IA - Creating Effective Oversight Structures for Investment Advisers

  • 5c. ALL - FinTech & RegTech Innovations

  • 5d. ALL - When Legal & Ethical Considerations Collide

  • 5e. ALL - Performing Robust Testing of Policies & Procedures Lab

  • 6b. BD/IA - State Fiduciary and Best Interest Regulations

  • 6c. ALL - Current Issues in Cybersecurity

  • 6f. IA/IC/PF - Trading Compliance Issues

  • 7c. ALL - Expanding the Table: Advancing Women in Compliance

  • 7e. BD/MA - Regulatory Exams: Best Preparation

  • 8a. IA/IC/PF - Enforcement Issues

  • 8d. ALL - Artificial Intelligence and Crowdsourcing

  • 8e. ALL - Practical Solutions for Small Firms

  • 9a. BD/IA - Institutional Conflicts of Interest

  • 9c. ALL - Fundamentals of Anti-Money Laundering

  • 9d. PF - Adviser Act Compliance for PF Managers: Beyond Theory, Into Practice

  • 9e. BD - Trade and Ownership Reporting Requirements

  • 10c. ALL - Building a Strong Culture of Compliance & Ethics

  • 10d. ALL - Internal Risks: Due Diligence Processes

  • 10e. IA/IC/PF - Regulatory Exams: Best Preparation

  • 11a. ALL - Small Firm Decisions: Outsource or Automate?

  • 11b. Compliance's Role in ESG Investing and Corporate Engagement

  • 11c. BD/MA - Advertising in an Effective and Compliant Manner

  • 12a. BD/IA - Lessons Learned from Implementing Reg BI

  • 12d. ALL - Implementing a Compliance Calendar

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