2020 NSCP National Conference

Log In Now – Get Connected – Get Familiar with the Platform


Now is the time to customize your own profile, get familiar with where to find your sessions, how to meet and connect with other attendees, and where find special offers from our sponsors.  Don’t wait until the conference starts to try to learn your way around.

Explore the space.


Log in to Swapcard, our virtual conference platform, with the link emailed to you from Swapcard.  Your email address is your log-in and you will need to create your own password.

Click into Session Schedule” to see a full agenda for the conference, and “My Event” to see your personal schedule. One of the great things about the virtual conference space is the ability to join any session you’d like at any time – there are no capacity limits.

Want to join a chat group with some fellow attendees to share industry knowledge? Click on the Group Chat Rooms tab to find our “Ask an Expert” sponsored chat rooms as well as the general chat room where attendees can connect.


Get a leg up on meetings with sponsors, speakers, and other attendees. 


Plan ahead by scheduling some one-on-one video meetings with National Conference sponsors, speakers, and other attendees you’d like to talk with. But first, go to My Meetings under your profile and disable the times that you don’t want to be available for video chat meetings. It is important to do this before the conference begins or else by default the system will show that you are available for all time periods. You may completely disable this feature if you don’t want to be available to chat.

Under the Speakers and Sponsors tabs, you can find full listings of our speakers and sponsors, and clicking on their names will bring up their profiles, where you can select time slots to set up a meeting with them.

The Attendees tab works similarly, but deals with far more people. If you have a person in mind that you’d like to connect with, you can search for them specifically by name, company, or industry focused keywords. Perhaps you met someone at the conference last year and want to catch up.


Remember CE!


Make sure that you have indicated that you would like Continuing Education (CE) credits on your conference registration by checking “Yes” for the CE? Question.  NSCP will only send a certificate of attendance to those who have answered “yes” for CE on their registration and have satisfied the attendance verification requirements.

If you are unsure if you selected yes for CE please contact us at certification@nscp.org and we will check your registration and update it if necessary.  Please visit the Continuing Education page of the National Conference website to familiarize yourself with this year’s CE process:  https://national.nscpconferences.org/continuing-education/


Log in to the conference now!

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